Dianne O’Donnell has been performing on the country music circuit for many years now – many of you will know her best as Natalie Diamond. She formed the Agency in 2009 after she was repeatedly asked to find work for other singers who wanted to leave rock and pop behind and make a career for themselves on the country scene.

Since then, the Agency has gone from strength to strength and is set to expand even further in 2012.

Today, we’re proud to have the opportunity to represent some of the best acts on the country music scene in the UK.

So, if you’re a singer and looking for an agent to represent you, please give us a call. If you own a club and want us to host an event at your venue, look no further. And, if you’re a music lover and looking for a great night of entertainment, we’re positive we’ve got a date lined up that’s perfect for you – please check out our Events guide to find out more…

Our Managed Acts

  • Clearwater
  • David Gibson
  • Amy Morgan
  • Amanda Dee

Other acts

  • Souls ‘N’ Stone (duo)
  • Gary Perkin & The Breeze or Gary Perkins Solo
  • Billy Bubba King (solo)
  • The Ann Duggan Band
  • Savannah (Duo)
  • American Routes (Trio)
  • Darren Busby
  • Paul Taylor (Solo)
  • Double Barrel (Duo)
  • Steve Hanks (solo)
  • Cole’s Country (solo)
  • Ken Darrans (Solo)
  • Chriss Raddings (solo)
  • Stubby (solo)
  • Natalie Diamond (solo)
  • Brian Gibson (Solo)
  • Spur (Duo)
  • Atlanta (Band)
  • Henry Smith & The Country Dreams (Band)
  • Diamond & Dallas (Duo)
  • Richard Palmer (Solo)
  • Shaun Byrne (Solo)
  • Blue Horizon (Trio or Band)
  • Kay D (Solo)
  • Cheyenne (duo)
  • Andy Smith (Solo)
  • Lee Davis (Solo)
  • Tennessee Highway (Duo)
  • The Smokey Mountain Boys (Band)
  • Pete Jones (Solo)
  • Hank T (Solo)
  • Nancy Ann Lee (solo)
  • Bob Steelman (solo)
  • Billy Leonard (solo)
  • Phil Lloyd  (solo) 
  • Johnny Holland (solo)
  • Tom Collins (solo)



We have a new number 1 this week on the uk country chart with '' I Am A Country Star '' from Tony Clarke. Check out the chart.


Steve Hanks has risen to number 2 in Uk Country Chart with '' Another Sunny Day '' check out the chart for updates on your favorites